There’s shelf-life and then there’s Monster shelf life!

Monster’s range of shelf-life boilie’s offers the angler of today a superior bait to the “Norm’ ” offering convenience and quality without compromise, combining the finest of ingredients and blend of unique flavours with years of experience, resulting in a bait that is as close to a freezer bait as possible but with the added longevity, therefore eliminating the need to worry about your bait being compromised.

This in turn enabling the angler to focus on the task in hand and ultimately to have your bait when and where you want it, whether it be that opportunist bag of bait kept in the car “just in case” or whether its that epic trip of a life time to the continent where a mass baiting approach is required, you can rest assured from the first to the last bait in the bag you will have the highest quality bait available!!

Foil packed and sealed in 1kg bags to ensure freshness our shelf-life boilie’s are available in both 14mm and 18mm and are available in the following flavours:


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